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Sewing machines for car seats and upholstery


867 - 70

867 AE - VF - LG

Macchina per cucire rifilatrice e bordatrice in contemporanea.


Macchina per cucire a due aghi a colonna per ribattiture.

HM814 Machine for airbag sewing

HM820 Sewing machine for ornamental patterns

HM830 Sewing-binding machine with differential feeding devices

Lema 267P

Lema Lema 267P
Lema Lema 267P
Lema Lema 267P

Portable machine, one needle, triple transport, large hook.
The machine allows easy handling thanks to its small size and a practical wooden carrying case. It allows the operator to intervene directly on site where repairs to materials in general are required, a machine dedicated to the sail sector or nautical upholstery.
Suitcase size: 48x48x80 cm. .

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